RUTX11 cannot update modem

I’m trying to flash latest modem but I’m getting this error:
“Not enough memory in modem filesystem”

Firmware version
Firmware build date
2024-04-02 12:08:44
Internal modem firmware version
Kernel version

Same as:

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Could you provide output to this SSH/CLI commnand:

df -h

It should look similar to this:


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How have you been trying to update modem firmware? Are you using the WebUI firmware update page or another method? Could you please describe the steps you have been taking?

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I’m using the web UI, is there any other way to do it?


A new firmware version, 7.07, is available. Could you please try upgrading your device to it? If possible, perform the upgrade without keeping the settings. Afterward, please attempt to update the modem firmware.

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7.07 doesn’t seem to be avalible

RUTX_R_00.07.06.10 seems to be latest on this page aswell:


I apologize for any confusion. Firmware updates roll out at different times. Please be patient, as it will be available soon.

If you don’t have extensive configuration on your router, or if you can take a backup, you can reset your router to factory settings and then try updating the modem again. This should remove any unknown obstacles that may have interfered with the modem update process.

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