RUTX11 - Cannot SMS on Verizon SIMs

I have been having some difficulty getting SMS to work at all with Verizon SIMs on any of the RUTX11 devices being used at my company. From all of the testing I have performed we do not have the same issues with AT&T SIMs, and Firmware versions have had no impact on the ability to SMS to or from the Teltonika.

I am able to SMS an AT&T SIM in a device, switch it over to VZW, and when trying to send an SMS from the device, the session disconnects.

I initially reached out to our SIM provider (KORE Wireless) and they, as well as Verizon, insist the SIMs has SMS enabled and the issue is one with the device / firmware. However I have tried several SIMs across varying firmwares, each to no success.


Could you please clarify if you are unable to send SMS messages, or are you unable to receive them?

I would suggest taking a look at these forum posts here (specific to Verizon) and here (more general, suggest starting with trying 3G only, and disabling/enabling VoLTE manually).

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I am unable to send and receive SMS on Verizon SIMs


Apologies for a late reply.

Have you tested SMS functionality on 3G?

Have you tried turning OFF/ON VoLTE manually?

Perhaps you tried some of the commands from the posts that I have previously linked? What are the results?

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I have not tested 3G for the SMS, but I need to be able to do so over 4G as our systems in the field are very reliant on 4G, and want to use the SMS to talk to the RUTX11 in cases where it cannot connect to the RMS.

I will test the commands today, but I am also unable to find the VoLTE settings.

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