RUT950 stops sharing mobile connection


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My router still stops sharing the mobile connection for some reason. When it happens :

  • LTE connection is still reported as active, with the same good signal as usual ;
  • The router still can receive and send SMS ;
  • The SMS Gateway (SMS to e-mail) still forwards the test SMS I send, to my e-mail ;
  • No Internet connection is available over Ethernet, which includes the WiFi access provided by another device ;
  • I have to send the reboot SMS command since re-registering doesn’t help.
    Then, the router works for a few days or weeks, and finally stops sharing the mobile connection again.

My router is using the latest version to date : RUT9_R_00.07.06.10.)

A few days before the latest connection sharing issue :

  • I’ve reset the router to its factory settings, and reloaded the latest backup file ;
  • I’ve created an auto reboot task using the wget method, but it didn’t detect any connection issue. The mobile connection remained unavailable for one hour despite the following settings :

So, before rebooting the router this time too, I’ve activated its built-in WiFi AP, to check if the LAN part was the only one impacted by this problem, but that action got the LAN connection working again.

It’s getting very annoying. Can I share any debug file to help you fix this issue?

I have the exact same issue, see topic 5408

It just happened again. This time the built-in WiFi AP was on, and the mobile connection wasn’t shared on WiFi either…

Hi everyone,

It looks like this topic didn’t get anyone’s attention.

The connection sharing failed again a few minutes ago, so I’ve downloaded the troubleshoot files and tried to find anything useful there. I’ve found some logs about failover being triggered by a test that failed :
Tue Apr 30 18:57:56 2024 mwan3track[3599]: Check (ping) failed for target “” on interface mob1s1a1 (qmimux0). Current score: 2
Then I see a lot of automated actions that followed that event and failed too, ending with this event :
Tue Apr 30 18:58:32 2024 WAN (mob1s1a1) is down, no more backups to switch

So, if I’m not mistaken, the router is trying to find another way to connect to the Internet, which is impossible to do since it is the only device that can access the Internet here.

I’ve found the only active failover rule on Network > Failover > Multiwan and disabled it.

Now I guess that if the mobile connection is lost, the router will just wait till next re-registration?

Maybe just a dumb thought since I’m far away from being an expert…


Sorry for the delay. Looks like to determine the root cause of this issue, we’ll need the troubleshoot file. Since it contains private information, we’ll handle it on a separate platform. Instructions for accessing it have been sent to the email you registered for this forum. Make sure issue has occurred before taking troubleshoot file from the device.

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A new firmware update for the RUT950 has been released, featuring several fixes and improvements. You can try upgrading to see if it helps with any current issues you may be experiencing.

You can find the RUT950 firmware here: RUT950 Firmware Downloads

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Hi Marijus,

The Ticket ID is required but it was not provided by email with the instructions. Can you provide this information please?

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