Which antenna to use with a RUTX50?

I have a RUTX50 that I use in the office.
I need an external antenna to mount on the wall for LTE & 5G.
It is impossible to find a correct answer.
Teltonika does not offer any such antenna.
What type of antenna should I get?
4x4 MIMO, 2x2 MIMO ?
The router will be inside, with Ethernet connection and the 2 original WIFI antennas. Only the LTE & 5G antenna will be fixed outside, on a mast or directly on the wall.
Thank you in advance for your help.


I use Iskra P-60 MIMO with a factory cable of 10 m, 700-3800 MHz, you get two antennas, it works great, connect to the first and second SMA port. That’s for 2x2 MIMO.

If you want to use 4x4 MIMO, then two pairs of such antennas (4 antennas in total).

You also have to pay attention to the distance between the antennas, there is a table that determines the distance for the primary frequency. In my case, the primary frequency is B3 1800 MHz because it gives a large upload, so the distance between the antennas is 34 cm.

Of course, the choice of antenna also depends on whether you are in the city or in the countryside, I am in the countryside, so I chose these :slight_smile:



On only 4G with 2x2 MIMO, I achieve AVG 300/100 Mbps on 4 CA (B3+B1+B20+B28)


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Hello and thank you for your detailed response.
I do not have the possibility to use such antennas, being in a rental building.
I am in a village, but the relay antenna is 700m away.
I was thinking about a 2x2 MIMO or 4x4 MIMO Poynting antenna.
This : XPOL-1-5G

The omni antennas you get with the RUTX50 are not good for you? :slight_smile:

Due to the close proximity of the base station, these antennas that come with the RUTX50 should be enough for you

These XPOL-1-5G antennas of yours have a gain of only 3 dB, and the antennas that come with the RUTX50 4 dB, it turns out that it is not worth buying external antennas.

But you must tell us first if you have tested the RUTX50 with its antennas

Yes, I use the RUTX50 with the original antennas, but the signal is unstable and poor quality.

I tried moving the router, but that doesn’t improve anything.

Personally, I would not recommend XPOL-1-5G because it is weaker than the ones you received with the router, it is better to throw the router outside and test the signal condition for a day, if possible.

Perhaps it is better to take the EPNT-2, which has 11 dBi gain, because your goal is to increase the signal as much as possible. It’s just that this one is more directional, so you need to turn it towards the base station and the router goes inside it, so it might not suit you.

Are you sure that your RUTX50 connects to that base station?
Maybe it connects to some other base station which can be further away if you are in the city.
You can find out with Cell ID and Cellmapper.

Additional things you can check before buying an external antenna: disable 5G in the router to see how it works on only 4G frequencies

My goal is to put the antenna outside and keep the router inside.
The EPNT-2 is made to put the router there, it is not my goal to give wifi to the neighbors and be penalized inside.
I have located the cells which are nearby, given their positions I do not want a directional solution.
there is sometimes work on the cells and you need to be able to connect to another.
With the 4 original antennas, just changing their inclination and orientation changes the quality of the signal.

I finally chose the XPOL-1-5G 4x4 MIMO.
For the moment on a temporary support (photo tripod), I am looking for how to connect the 4 SMA connectors.
So I have the cell1 MAIN cell1 AUX and cell2 MAIN cell2 AUX connectors.
As the connectors are not identified on the RUTX50, I searched but found confusing information.
If anyone could help me…

Okay :slight_smile:

I would connect MAIN to ANT0 and ANT3, and AUX to ANT1 and ANT2.
You may have to play around and try different combinations.
For me, even any combination works.
For each combination you try, restart the modem and see the signal, speed and stability.

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Thank you very much for your help.
I tested the 3 possible configurations and was able to determine the best one.
I temporarily fixed the antenna on the window sill, outside.
Here is the result.

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