What power connectors do Teltonika routers use?

The RUTXR1 and RUTX50 use a 4-pin power connector directly wired to a brick.

This isn’t quite good enough for me, because I have some fairly stringent power efficiency and modularity requirements. Because of this, considering that it looks like a 4-pin ATX connector, I searched for a USB-C to 4-pin male ATX connector, and found nothing.


However, today, I realized that the pins themselves are too small when compared to a standard ATX connector to be ATX. Are they proprietary? Can I get a power connector that connects to something non-country specific like IEC 60320 (C8 or C13?) or USB?


For custom applications we offer the standalone connector: 4-PIN PLUG WITH CONTACT TERMINALS
Or the whole cable with a 4-way screw terminal instead of a power brick: POWER CABLE WITH 4-WAY SCREW TERMINAL

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