Using RUT240 with Spanish sim

I am currently in Spain and my RUT240 works fine with my EE uk sim, i have bought a Vodaphone es sim and can’t get it to work in the router it connects but with no internet connection, is there a setting i have to change in the router?

You could try setting your APN to either one of the references given by Vodafone Espana at …


I assume your RUT240 is on the latest firmware? And I assume you’ve already tested the SIM in a phone with data, sms and / or a call? And I assume you haven’t entered a custom APN for EE that the Vodafone SIM is trying to use? And I assume you have disabled the SIM PIN when you set it up on your phone? And I assume you know there is Vodafone coverage where you are? And lastly … I assume you haven’t sourced the SIM from some dodgey outlet … there’s plenty of them still about.

If you ever need another Spanish SIM that utilises the Vofafone network, then Vodafone have a cheaper alternative brand called Lowi which I use in the router.

You can purchase these online or at any Vodafone shop in Spain. It’s a monthly renewal and you can flex the data up and down from month to month. Although it’s a cheaper Vodafone option, bandwidth throttling shouldn’t be a problem as I can quite happily stream Full HD Video over a VPN … and I’m in a remote mountain area, with very basic mobile infrastructure.

Failing all of the above, try the solution found at the end of this post

In this community post, it helped to select an operator manually:

Sim is not working Vodafone

It might be worth trying out.


As TeWe suggested, please follow the instructions provided in the attached community forum post to manually select the APN. Once you’ve completed the process, please let me know how it goes.

If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions along the way, feel free to reach out for assistance.

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