Sim is not working Vodafone


I have an RUTX11 and use a german Vodafone card. It works perfect in Germany for a long time.
No I m in Slovenia on holiday and it didn t connect the service. I update to the latest firmware as i saw some people has a simular problem. But noithing. I see in the overview the sim is inside and signal is strong. It show no service. I set APN from Auto to custom and put in. Nothing. I change from SIM1 toi SIM 2 slot, still same. I put the card in my IPhone and it works great.
I change from IP4 to IP4/IP6 still not working. Reset to factury devaults, no change.

Any more I can da?


Did you enable data roaming on your RUTX11?

Asking as this setting is per device and would eventually explain, why it works on your phone but not on your router…

PS: And make sure you’re running on latest 07.06.10 firmware on your router

RUTX11 Firmware Downloads - Teltonika Networks Wiki

yes its off, for test I switch on and off but always the same

I update already to the latest version today

I can see this message in your screenshot:

Can you one more time reset your RUTX11 to factory defaults? should be fine in combination with RUTX11’s default “Auto APN” setting…

I did 3 factory resets today . No change

You said you tired this SIM card in your phone and it’s working fine there.
Can you put your phone’s SIM card into the router and see if this one is working in here?

Done same its not working. I already call Vodafone they make a reset on all sim cards from there side. They told me the didn‘t see any problem at there side with the cards

Hello, try to set your APN manually and leave it for longer period, lets say for a hour. Roaming sometimes takes time to connect and if you do changes in configuration modem start connection from beginning which will reset its previous attempt.

I will set it manually again and let it run. Give you an update later thanks

Waiting didn t help too

Could you paste log from System->Maintenance->Troubleshoot “System log”? there should me more info what is happening.
P.S. Cut sensitive info that you do not want to show here.

can you help me where I find to make the log file

I didnt see trouble shooting

I find it

But system didn t allow me as new user to upload the files

Just paste text from “System log” last lines as many as you can

Everything looks good, modem is searching for operator.
You can try two things:

  1. Manual operator scan, after scan you will see which one is available in table, try to set one of them.

  2. You can try empty APN. Save like this:

really thanks now with the manual operator selection it works . You help me a lot. Thanks Harald