Unknown package 'libsystemd-dev'

root@RUTX11:~# opkg install libsystemd-dev
Unknown package ‘libsystemd-dev’.
Package installation encountered an error, removing previously installed packages.

OpenWRT and derivatives don’t use systemd at all.
What are you trying to achieve with a -dev package ?

There is no docker container available for this version:

opkg update
opkg list | grep docker

Result: empty

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“github/wirepas/gateway” installation on teltonika rutx11
If a Docker container isn’t accessible for this particular version and native installation doesn’t provide libsystemd, then the construction of the sink service or the transport python wheel, which includes C extensions, necessitates the presence of systemd headers how should I proceed?

One way would be to port a native wirepass implementation to use UBUS instead of DBUS.
No idea how much work needed to do that, at least one C file and one python module.

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Should I proceed with the native installation method or opt for the Docker installation process on the Teltonika Router RUTX11?

Docker is a dead end for this device (at least a this time).
You will need the SDK in order to compile the UBUS low level interface and build a native package. Doable but will require some work.

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