"How can I utilize Docker to install the Wirepas gateway on a Teltonika router?"


Our devices are a bit too underpowered to run docker properly. It is possible to install using external USB driver with memory expansion enabled, however, due to lack of free memory, very few docker container would start, only very small ones, and even if they did, their performance would not be great.

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okay thank you.

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Instructions or guide on how to install a third-party (Wirepas gateway SDK) on a Reltonika RUTX11 router.

I have a rutx11 router and have connected an external USB drive to it to host Docker, should I proceed with the Docker installation or try using a native installation?
and also What is the procedure for building native files and flashing them on the router?


It’s not possible to launch docker on the device without adding some kernel mods to the firmware, and for that you need to compile your own firmware with GPL.

I do not have the mods list, but I know some are missing, you would be able to get them as errors when insalling docker via opkg.

Other thing, the router severely lack RAM to run docker, let alone any docker containers

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Is it possible to run Third party software on RUTX11