TSW202 and KNX multicast

Hi community,
this is about TSW202 and KNX.

I started using the new managed switch TSW202 inside my IP-based KNX-environment, which looks like:

KNX-IP Router A <—> TSW202 <—> TSW210 <—> KNX-IP Router B
( ( N/A (
<—> KNX ETS Software

TSW202 operates with default configuration out of the box, except in the section “Network Interface”. “DHCP” instance is disabled, “Static” used instead. TSW202 has one Network Interface instance: as “static”.
Firmware is the current one.

The issue is that there is no KNX-related communication possible anymore to KNX-IP Router A. I guess (!?) that this is somehow related to KNX using Multicast via - the default address of KNX Multicast.
Accessing KNX-IP Router A from KNX ETS Software via Unicast works, but required a non-default configuration of ETS Software.

Formerly, I used two unmanaged switches and it worked properly.
Because I am new to managed switches, I would appreciate your feedback very much!!!

Hi community,
isn’t there really no tiny hint for me, in which direction I should further investigate. I am sure you know, but I do not yet.

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