TRB500 performance problem

I have a TRB500 and I can’t get it to perform well.

Straight after boot I get ~970Mbits download, after a few days I only get ~200Mbits.

I have the lastest firmware installed.I have also tried to update the modem firmware described in this post:

But that failed.
Unsuccessful upload
An unexpected error occurred

I have also noticed that Network type switched between 4G+ (LTE-A) and 5G (NSA) quite frequently, like every minute or more.

I live in Sweden and have “3” as operator.

Please help.


When the issue occurs, could you try disconnecting all of the connected devices and check if the speed remains capped with only your PC connected?
If the speed is still limited, would it be possible to connect the TRB directly to your PC, reboot the TRB, and check if the speed still drops after a few hours?

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you have the same problem as this user here is the link to the subject if you are interested

To correct the problem, you must update your TRB500 to Firmware RG501QEUAAR12A10M4G_04.200.04.200 which includes the patch,

unfortunately the only version I have is an unofficial version that was scraped from the TRB500’s internet memory in raw format and which then had to be modified to match the TRB500 update format,

I cannot provide it to you since it is an unofficial firmware and which may result in the loss of the warranty of your TRB500

unfortunately in some countries the fix does not work the perfect example in France where I currently reside and the firmware RG501QEUAAR12A10M4G_04.200.04.200 does not solve the problem,

while waiting to get a response from Teltonika support I am helping users who have the same problem,

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By the looks of it, you have the same issue as I had. This is a known firmware bug. The 12A10 modem update from Quectel is supposed to fix it.
Please find my contact info in the topic linked above if you want it.
Please be advised that this is not an official update. Only use it if you are willing to take the risk. For me, it seems to work, but as Tad noted, it does not work for everyone.

Hello Postas,

I’m glad to see you again on the Teltonika forums.

I have also made the modifications to respect your choice not to directly publish the firmware RG501QEUAAR12A10M4G_04.200.04.200 and to leave users interested in contacting you directly,

For my part, I hope to soon have a response from Teltonika support with firmware that fixes the bug for the latest countries

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Thank you for understanding.
Let me know how if you get a more official solution.



I will let you know when Teltonika support provides me with the firmware with the entire bug correction, but I think it will take a lot of time since he was not aware that the bug was not fixed 100% so the time for Quectel to provide Teltonika one new firmware risk of duration certain period of time

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