Special Characters in Email to SMS, SMS Block Alarm


I have a TRB 140 firmware:

Firmware version

I have a problem with the Email to SMS feature.
If I use special characters like ßöäü in the SMS, the SMS is immediately interrupted there and the rest of the SMS is not sent.
I found on this site that he has the same problems but no solution.

Is there a solution?
Thanks for help!

My second problem is when I send an SMS that is larger than the PDU limit set on the device the SMS is not sent. If I increase the PDU limit for the device, the previously blocked ones are also sent.
I assume they get put in a queue and get blocked.
I’m afraid this queue will get so big that the cache will be full.

The user also does not know that the SMS is not being sent.
Can I block the SMS and delete it straight away?
Can I set that the sender or the standard email address receives an error message if the SMS is not sent?

Thanks in advance!
kind regards

I solved the first problem myself by installing another language “German”.
I changed the language in the web frontend.
I also change the SIM card, but I think that wasn’t the solution.

kind regards

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