Send GPS coordinates via MQTT RUT955

I have a RUT 955 and I would like to send the GPS coordinates via MQTT.

It would also be useful to send the relay contacts state and be able to publish to the RUT955 to turn the relay contacts on or off. Is that possible?

I have Mosquitto broker set up on 192.168.143:1883.

I’ll be honest here, I really need some step-by-step instructions as I’m very new to all of this. Getting the broker set up was a challenge.

I have no experience of scripts but I will be able to use the GPS data once the broker receives it.

How do I get the RUT955 to send it?

So far, I have set up this:

and this:

I’m guessing that I need a way to periodically send the GPS data to Modbus and then publish it.

Does this need a script? That’ll be where my current knowledge stops.


Firstly, from the screenshots, it seems that you have legacy firmware installed. If possible, I would strongly recommend to update the device to the latest firmware version with 'keep settings’ option turned off. This will erase your current configurations, but will ensure that there are no migration issues, since the differences between your current firmware and the latest firmware are substantial. Firmware for RUT955 can be downloaded from here.

Then, to send GPS coordinates via MQTT, you can use Modbus monitoring to read GPS coordinates from RUT955 itself, and then send it to your MQTT broker using Data to Server functionality.

Please, take a look at this forum post here which shows an example.

Kind Regards,

Thank you for your help. It’s much appreciated.
I have updated the firmware and this is what I now have configured:

From the example you linked to, I can’t find these settings:

Where can I find them?

Does what I’ve done so far look correct?

Thanks for your help.

I have found the missing dialog box and here’s what I have:

When use the test button I see the correct GPS coordinates in the dialogue.

However, I’m not seeing the data coming through to my MQTT server. I’m testing it with MQTT Explorer and not seeing any messages from the Teltonika. I am seeing messages from other devices on the network.

Please can you suggest what to check next?

Hello @ashs ,

From the screenshots, it seems that you are still on the legacy firmware. The latest firmware is v7.06.6 and you can download it from here. I would recommend updating the firmware.

If you are able to see GPS coordinates via Modbus, then Modbus configuration should be fine. In this case, I would suggest checking your MQTT settings. Specifically, double-check you credentials.

What are the MQTT settings on other devices?

Also, are you able to ping from RUT?

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Thank you. I get this message when trying to update to the latest firmware showing:

Hi ashs,
as the message on your screenshot tells you you have to
upgrade a device with legacy firmware in more than one step,
ideally factory defaulting the device with every step.

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