Can I get RUTX50 to send GPS data over MQTT?

I have installed RUTX50 on my boat and it works great, trippled my speed compared to the kit it replaced.

What I want to do is send the GPS data to a remote MQTT server, but all i see in the manual is NMEA forwarding and AVL, neither of these will work for me.

I see some reference to GPS/MODBUS/MQTT but I dont see a doc on how to set it up just some questions on the forums.

I use python3 on a RPI to send GPS over MQTT today, but that code wont work on the RUTX50 as the gpsd tools needed are not available.

Is there a way to send GPS data over MQTT?



You can refer to this link for the Modbus Register addresses of GPS data. Once you pull out this GPS data, you can send it to your MQTT Server via Data to Server feature. Here are some sample configuration for the same.


Modbus TCP Slave

Modbus TCP Master

Data to Server - MQTT

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