RUTX50 Wireguard client not reconnecting

Rutx50 with Mobile Connection.
Configured as Wireguard Client towards a FritzBox.
Works without a problem, but does NOT reconnect wenn connection is lost (e.g. during the night wenn provider is breaking the connection)
I must reboot the RutX50 or manually disable and enable the Wireguard @RutX50 to get the connection active again.

Is there any automatic option, e.g. to ping the wireguard server and reconnect when ping is lost (like the auto-reboot feature).
Or a script, or sms (where only openVPN can be choosen, not Wireguard).
Persistent keep alive is set to 20 (25 did not work as well).

Thank you


This is a recurring issue, look at this post the script will do the required housekeeping.

Don’t forget to install kdig.


Thanks a lot, i did all the steps, installed kdig, uploaded the script and edited crontab.
How can i check if the script is executing correctly?

Check the logs with logread -f, you’ll see lines like:

crond[11462]: USER root pid 16257 cmd wg | awk -f /etc/awg.awk

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