RUTX50 Wireguard client not reconnecting after 7.05 update

was working properly but after upgrading to Firmeware 7.0.5 i receive an error

Sat Nov 18 15:00:00 2023 cron.err crond[9828]: USER root pid 14131 cmd wg | awk -f /etc/awg.awk

the script is in /etc

any hints what i can do?
thank you



at the end of the script.

A better solution would be to use /usr/bin/wireguard_watchdog instead of wg | awk -f /etc/awg.awk it is simpler and I won’t have to maintain the awk script anymore.


so you mean:
instead of adding
echo “*/10 * * * * wg | awk -f /etc/awg.awk” >> /etc/crontabs/root

i use
echo "*/10 * * * * /usr/bin/wireguard_watchdog >> /etc/crontabs/root

is that correct?

Yes. And you can also change the */10 by * so the script will run every minute.
Caveat: depending how your dns is set, wireguard_watchdog may fail to re-resolve the name of the server. If so, the workaround is to edit it, comment out the line “wg set ${iface} …” and add two ubus commands as below:

#  wg set ${iface} peer ${public_key} endpoint "${endpoint_host}:${endpoint_port}"                                     
  ubus call network.interface.${iface} down                                                                            
  ubus call network.interface.${iface} up                                                                              

i get again the error:
Sat Nov 18 15:50:00 2023 cron.err crond[9840]: USER root pid 13797 cmd /usr/bin/wireguard_watchdog

There must be somthing else broken. any idea where i can get more details?

Yes, wireguard_watchdog is missing a ‘return 0’ at the end.

still receiving error
thats how the script looks like now

thanks for your help :slight_smile:

# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
# Copyright (C) 2018 Aleksandr V. Piskunov <>.
# Copyright (C) 2015-2018 Jason A. Donenfeld <>. All Rights Reserved.
# This watchdog script tries to re-resolve hostnames for inactive WireGuard peers.
# Use it for peers with a frequently changing dynamic IP.
# persistent_keepalive must be set, recommended value is 25 seconds.
# Run this script from cron every minute:
# echo '* * * * * /usr/bin/wireguard_watchdog' >> /etc/crontabs/root

. /lib/

check_peer_activity() {
  local cfg=$1
  local iface=$2
  local public_key
  local endpoint_host
  local endpoint_port
  local persistent_keepalive
  local last_handshake
  local idle_seconds

  config_get public_key "${cfg}" "public_key"
  config_get endpoint_host "${cfg}" "endpoint_host"
  config_get endpoint_port "${cfg}" "endpoint_port"
  persistent_keepalive=$(wg show ${iface} persistent-keepalive | grep ${public_key} | awk '{print $2}')

  # only process peers with endpoints and keepalive set
  [ -z ${endpoint_host} ] && return 0;
  [ -z ${persistent_keepalive} -o ${persistent_keepalive} = "off" ] && return 0;

  # skip IP addresses
  # check taken from packages/net/ddns-scripts/files/
  local IPV4_REGEX="[0-9]\{1,3\}\.[0-9]\{1,3\}\.[0-9]\{1,3\}\.[0-9]\{1,3\}"
  local IPV6_REGEX="\(\([0-9A-Fa-f]\{1,4\}:\)\{1,\}\)\(\([0-9A-Fa-f]\{1,4\}\)\{0,1\}\)\(\(:[0-9A-Fa-f]\{1,4\}\)\{1,\}\)"
  local IPV4=$(echo ${endpoint_host} | grep -m 1 -o "$IPV4_REGEX$")    # do not detect ip in
  local IPV6=$(echo ${endpoint_host} | grep -m 1 -o "$IPV6_REGEX")
  [ -n "${IPV4}" -o -n "${IPV6}" ] && return 0;

  # re-resolve endpoint hostname if not responding for too long
  last_handshake=$(wg show ${iface} latest-handshakes | grep ${public_key} | awk '{print $2}')
  [ -z ${last_handshake} ] && return 0;
  idle_seconds=$(($(date +%s)-${last_handshake}))
  [ ${idle_seconds} -lt 150 ] && return 0;
  logger -t "wireguard_monitor" "${iface} endpoint ${endpoint_host}:${endpoint_port} is not responding for ${idle_seconds} seconds, trying to re-resolve hostname"
  #wg set ${iface} peer ${public_key} endpoint "${endpoint_host}:${endpoint_port}"
  ubus call network.interface.${iface} down                                                                            
  ubus call network.interface.${iface} up

# query ubus for all active wireguard interfaces
wg_ifaces=$(ubus -S call network.interface dump | jsonfilter -e '@.interface[@.up=true]' | jsonfilter -a -e '@[@.proto="wireguard"].interface' | tr "\n" " ")

# check every peer in every active wireguard interface
config_load network
for iface in $wg_ifaces; do
  config_foreach check_peer_activity "wireguard_${iface}" "${iface}"
return 0

I see you use a rsyslogd to log the messages from the RUTX.
Create a /etc/rsyslog.d/01-rutx.conf on the syslog server containing:

if $msg contains "cmd /usr/bin/wireguard_watchdog" then stop

and restart the rsyslog process this will kill the spam.

i hope i’m not bothering you, but all that is not helping. i still get the errors
question: even with that error, which i could ignore, is the script doing what it should do? So is the error only cosmetically?

The error is cosmetic only. I dont know why crond / sh return a non-zero value however I was able to get rid of the messages in the syslog output.

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Ah I think I understand you don’t filter the messages by source.

#### RULES ####                                                                                                        
$template DynaFile,"/var/log/%HOSTNAME%.log"
*.* ?DynaFile

to your /etc/rsyslog.conf and enable the “System->Maintenance->Troubleshoot/Show Hostname” flag on the RUTX.

Hi all
I am also having this issue set up Wireguard and nothing is going out of the router.
Still searching for a good tutorial on how to set it up.

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