RUTX50 VLAN config

Hi there, I’m testing a VLAN configuration on a RUTX50 and I want to get advice to check if its setup correctly. FW RUTX_R_00.07.06.6

I want to connect the router / ethernet port 4 via a trunk connection to a TP-Link TL-SG1016PE switch. The switch is set up with the corresponding VLANs.

I have added the VLANS on the Port based VLAN page, and set the physical ethernet port No.4 as tagged for each VLAN.

I have added the VLANS on the Interfaced based VLAN page, and set them to their corresponding interface.

I have setup an interface for each VLAN, with different IP Address for each interface.

  1. Is the configuration correct?

  2. I have tested the configuration, by only selecting tagged for ethernet port 4 on one VLAN on the Port based VLAN page, This sent me the correct IP Address for the corresponding interface.

  3. I tested it with the Switch connected, and my pc got the correct IP Address from ports connected to the specific VLANs.

However I can ping each other VLAN from any VLAN. How can I isolated the VLAN’s?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Regards Padraic.

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Any advice here would be greatly appreciated. Regards Padraic.

I’m very interested in this as well, as I have yet to set up VLANs (my first time).

Given that Padraic has already:

  • created separate LAN interfaces
  • created port based VLANs
  • created interface based VLANs

Are the next steps:

  • create a Firewall zone and forwards for each new LAN interface?
  • in the original lan firewall zone, remove the newly created LAN interfaces, if the UI setup has placed them there?
  • are any traffic rules required, other than denying SSH, HTTP & HTTPS ‘to device’, for each new fw zone created for the VLAN subnet (if required)?
  • anything else, specifically around isolation and changes required to fw zone config and rules?

My assumptions above may be totally incorrect and it would be great to get some guidance / instruction on this. I’m basing some of my assumptions on my interpretation of this article although it doesn’t explicitly deal with isolation instructions.

Also is there anything to note about how VLANs interact with a Wireguard tunnel?

Are there any performance considerations that might steer our thoughts as to how many Interfaces, Zones, VLANs are active?

Padraic … hopefully someone will give us some advice but if you get this working, please can you feed back to me … many thanks Mike

Hi Padraic,

For each of your newly created LAN interfaces (VLAN10 …VLAN40), have you set the ‘Physical Settings > Interface’ to the corresponding VLAN interface. If so, is it the corresponding eth0.??, or did you set it something else?

Just asking, for when I set this up?

Thx, Mike

Hi Mike, yes in the physical settings, I set each vlan to its corresponding interface, eth0.1 etc.

I have deleted step two from my initial set up as it was not needed.

I currently have the vlans isolated from each other, however I can still login to the router from any vlan. I believe I shouldn’t be able to. In order to connect tot the router, I should have to plug in to any other port than the vlan trunt port. or through the management vlan.

Regards Padraic.

Excellent, so based upon bits of the post at How to set up a guest WiFi network on RUTX - Teltonika Networks Wiki with regards to blocking off SSH and WebUI access to the router, I set up the following as a limited test to see if it works.

  1. For an IoT network, I created a) port based VLAN 21, b) created a lan Interface called IoT and for testing c) created a WiFi SSID for IoT, ensuring it addressed just the IoT lan Interface. So now we get to the bits that deny access to the SSH CLI interface and the Web UI management interface.

  2. I created a Firewall Zone called IoT

  3. I removed IoT from the lan Firewall Zone - covered networks

  4. I removed IoT from the WAN Firewall Zone - allow forward to destination zones

    With point 4, I don’t really know the effect of this but what it does do is take the Firewall Zone Forwardings for WAN, back to its original state of ‘Reject’

  5. I then created a Firewall Traffic Rule to stop the unwanted management interface access via SSH or browser.

  6. Lastly I amended the rule above to the settings below

It seems to work OK, although I haven’t properly tested. I have to admit that my firewall and VLAN knowledge is very rudimentary but hopefully this has given you a steer to a possible avenue of investigation,

Have a good Easter … Mike

Can you let me know how you achieved the isolation up to this point … be handy to help me when I set things up.

Hi Mike, sorry for the short answer earlier, I was stuck in work.
I found a post somewhere that said to change a setting in the firewall and it would prevent inter vlan traffic. It said to change to forward option to Reject.

It seems to work, but hasn’t isolated the vlans and the lan.
I don’t understand the firewall, so I will have to play around with it. But just a word of warning, its easy to lock yourself out of the router by changing the wrong settings. So its worth having a good working configuration saved as a user default configuration. You can then restore to this config, instead of having to factory default and loose your settings.

Have a good Easter you too. Regards Padraic.

I found that using the UI to create Firewall Zones, automatically placed them in the lan zone. My assumption is that we want to isolate, hence I removed IoT from the lan zone - covered networks … my point 3. Therefore, the lan Zone and associated rules will only cover the lan segment of the network. Given your screen above, I reckon you’d have to removed those VLANs from the 'covered networks - this means we can now leave the lan zone able to access the router management interface (CLI and Browser based) and deny the vlans access to the management interface, by setting a rule for each individual firewall vlan zone … my points 5 & 6.

Likewise, the UI also automatically added my IoT to the wan interzone forwarding … this I also removed … see my point 4.

Hopefully Teltonika will jump on the thread and highlight the true path to enlightenment.

Hi Mike, @Marijus can you offer any advice on this topic?

Regards Padraic

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