Rutx50 "slow download speeds"


Today I have been driving around in Stockholm in downtown and suburbs where I know I get great download speeds…on my phone (iPhone 14 Pro) with Telenor operator company mobile SIM:s.

In the tests I have done I cant get download speeds over 300 Mbit/s on the RutX50. Same sim-card in phone instantly gets me 1000 Mbit/s when changing over. First i thought my twin data SIM was shaped so I did test with my phone SIM that gets 1000+ Mbit/s all the time in same area but only on cell phone.

I don’t know if Telenor deliver 5G SA which i carelessly stated in another thread but the figures speak for themselves.

This is an important topic and definitely a show stopper in the projects I was planning to use the RUT.

I will do tests with a Nighthawk M5 tomorrow to compare…


Bad news!
I did test with same data-sim card today on a Netgear M5 5G and download speeds where 700-1000Mbit/s.
This is quite a disappointment as the Netgear is more of a consumer router with built in antennas.
If this can’t be solved I have to return the RutX50 and I/my company was going to invest in quite a few of these if my tests where successful, now not so much.
Could this be something regional in Sweden? I would be happy to hear if someone else have had greater download speeds than 300Mbit/s?


Disregarding the price differences, there could be many reasons for the speed differences. In regards to the iPhone, mobile phone manufacturers use SoC manufactured by Qualcomm that use very different architecture when compared with our devices. In addition, these modems are usually of higher LTE category and are capable of aggregating more bands simultaneously. This article explains it in a little more detail: LTE Speed Discrepancies - Teltonika Networks Wiki
As for the Nighthawk M5, there routers are built for different purposes - while we target the industrial sector where stability is important, Nighthawk is mainly intended for consumer market, where the speeds are one of the main priorities.
I’d suggest waiting for the RutOS v7.5 release, as it includes some improvements to the data handling in the Linux kernel. There is no release date yet.

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Thanks Daumantas.

Are you saying that we can not expect higher speeds than around 300Mbit/s because of hardware limitations with the Rutx50? By my mind that’s not acceptable for a 5G router. Or are you saying there will be software updates in 7.5 that will solve this issue. This is a complete showstopper for the use cases I have had for these routers.

I like to know more about this so i follow this thread…

I got same thing in Turin (italy) while my Iphone 12 Pro get 750 mbit in download and router just 250/300 mbit

The RUTX50 how much carrier aggregation will do?


It can do 4CA on LTE + 1 NR carrier or 5CA on LTE.
Make sure to enable Software flow offloading by navigating to Network → Firewall → General Settings. Additionally, make sure to test speed using a wired device rather than WiFi, and run the speed test on the LAN device itself, rather than the speedtest package built into the router.

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Ok thanks

Can you explain me why after the firmware upgrade mine in the same location works with LTE A instead of 5G NSA like before? I have upgraded firmware from 7.04.03 to 7.04.5 and after this i dont see 5G NSA connection, it is normal?

My question is because with iPhone i got 5G (NSA) of course and with RUTX50 only LTE A now connection is always on B1 and B3 band dual carrier


RutOS firmware update does not have any impact on the modems ability to select the best band (unless you have whitelisted/blacklisted any bands). You could try downgrade to 7.04.3, but even if it helps, this is most likely a coincidence. From the modems perspective this will be the same as rebooting the device.
Additionally, make sure that your modem firmware is on the latest firmware, as there have been optimizations done.

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Which is the lastest modem firmware? And where I can find it?


Please navigate to System → Firmware, and if there is a modem firmware available, it will be possible to download it from our FOTA server.

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Ohh ok i checked many time but no firmware upgrade are available for the modem. Anyway i try to downgrade the firmware to v7.04.3 for check what i mean about 5G NSA connection, for now i always have 4G+ connection v7.04.5

About what you text if i put v7.04.3 the router show back 5G NSA if i put v7.04.4 or v7.04.5 firmware router show just 4G+ (LTE-A) but i am pretty sure that in my location there is 5G NSA network!


Thank you for checking.
Could you update to the latest firmware, log into the SSH, and run the following commands:

gsmctl -A 'AT+QCAINFO'

Please post the output in the next comment. Additionally, just to verify, you are using the RUTX50, correct?

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Yes RUTX50


+QCAINFO: “PCC”,1350,100,“LTE BAND 3”,1,151,-66,-7,-39,18
+QCAINFO: “SCC”,275,50,“LTE BAND 1”,2,277,-86,-9,-59,19,1,50,18275

We appreciate your information. We want to look into this issue more closely. The best way to do that is to contact your reseller or sales manager. They can give you a direct way to communicate with us and help us solve the problem. If you don’t have a reseller or a sales manager, please use this form to contact us: Teltonika Networks - LTE Routers, Gateways & Modems for IoT

Thank you for your cooperation!

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Ehmm so what you mean? What’s the problem in my case? I buy the router on

I would really like to know if Teltonika think that users should be pleased/ok to get a max 300Mbit/s out of the RutX50?

I have tried RUTX50 in so many locations where 5G NSA signal is super strong and other devices can get download around 1000Mbit/s.

Simple question, can we expect more than 300Mbit/s in future software releases?

I think that can do more in future because is capable to do 3.3 gbps as is write in spec of the modem if not is a really bad thing!

Also the backguard LTE cat 20 is capable to 2000 mbps downlink and 310 mbps on uplink

So it is very strange thank can do more then 300 mbit no?


The router is definitely capable of more than 300Mbps connection. It’s hard to say whether the issue in your case is the band configuration, or if something else is at play here.
@BadSide84 I see that you have contact us privately, so we can investigate the issue privately.
As mentioned, 7.5 release will further optimize the throughput of the router itself, which might help in your case.

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Yes but are you sure that you can? Bacause this morning one sales manager for Italy call me by phone and told me to ask support to my reseller that is in Germany. I buy the modem on and she told me to ask directly my reseller of course for me is better have direct contact if you can, is more faster.

For me is not a big problem right now, the modem works properly and I know it is just a firmware problem. I can wait the 7.5 release without problem.

Anyway the data limit doesn’t work also in the v7.04.5 after some traffic (10gb more on less) the counter show all data used