RUTX50 slow 5G Performance

My RUTX50 router only achieves download rates of around 50Mbps in 5G mode. Upload rates are above this (around 56Mbps). My iphone 13 mini achieves download rates of over 300Mbps at the same location. What could be the reason for this?

Can you go to Staus - Network - Mobile and post a screenshot of your “Bands” graphics on the bottom of the page?
This will help to see what’s going on with your mobile bands…


Are you using the exact same SIM, taking it out and placing it into each device, or is it two Different SIMS?

When posting images of the page: Status > Network > Mobile always mask out the EMSI and the ICCID numbers!

Nothing needs to be masked out in “Bands” section…

I am not using the exact same card. It is a Multi-Sim-Card that came with the contract I am also using in my mobile

What antennas are you using?

Try only 4G mode and do a speedtest

I’m no expert but for me the RSRP values are poor, the RSRQ values are not great but better and the SINR values are terrible.

Is the router in a building or a vehicle, and where is the mast that you’re connecting too?

Use to find yourself, select the correct network provider and look for tower numbered 60821, this is the mast that you are connected too. In what direction is it in relation to where the router is situated and how far away is it. Imagine a direct line of sight, what stuff is in the way in the landscape? Buildings, trees, hills etc.

Is there a different mast that you can try to get a connection to that’s closer or has a clearer, unobstructed access.

If the router is in a building, try placing it on a window sill facing the mast(s) that you want to connect too.

Thank you very much for the feedback so far. With 4G alone, the download speed is only around 30 Mbps.

I am using the antennas supplied with the RUTX50.

According to cellmapper, the nearest mast is about 800 meters away. There are a few houses and trees between the mast and the router. A closer mast is not available. However, the RUTX 50 is installed in a vehicle, so the masts are always changing. However, the iphone always achieves significantly higher download speeds than the RUTX 50. The iphone is located directly next to the RUTX50.

Any other ideas what I could try to increase the speed?

The antennas that come with the RUTX50 have a gain of 4 dBi which is weak, while my Samsung A22 5G with built-in antennas measures a stronger signal because its built-in antennas have a stronger gain

Since you stated that it is a vehicle, it is strongly recommended that you buy a roof antenna with the highest possible gain, at least 10 dBi

You can try placing the RUTX50 on the roof of your vehicle for a test to see if it measures a better signal.

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