RUTX50 - No Password / No Serial

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we recently deployed a number of RUTX50s to various cars and other vehicles in our fleet. Unfortunately due to the frequent use some of those vehicles recieve, we have one RUTX50 for which the randowm default password is unreadable. After the last update the device didnt work as intendet so we rolled the update back to the version before using the bootloader method. Unfortunatly without the original randowm password we can’t configure it again.

We thought one could mybe enter the bootloader mode, and then ssh into the router, bypassing password restrictions, but no luck so far.

Any help would be greatly appricieted.

There’s a very useful search function in this community :wink:

RUTX50 default password lost / label scratched

There is also a very useful Human skill present in the developed Society, called reading:

OP mentioned needing to provide the Serial for the Device which i do not have / or at least not knowingly. As far as i know there is no ledgible Serial on the Device Outside, no more Original Packaging, nor a Serial Number displayed on the default landingpage from the WebUI without password.

Mind you i did read the linked artikle before posting - though realised, that without the serial, as mentioned in the Heading of this post, there is a high likelyhood of needing to find a diffrent solution of A extracting a Serial from the Device or B resetting the password of some sort.

There has been some comments on here (from Teltonika reps) that Teltonika distributors do keep a record of SOME key info, for a SHORT amount of time. Might be worth contacting the distributor you bought it off. Also have a peer at your receipt for the device, because my supplier always adds the serial number to the invoice.

Was the device registered on RMS? If you login, then it might have a record of at least the serial number.

Hopefully a rep can jump on and tell you, if you have any options or it’s a ‘write-off’.

Will tell you what I usually do:
I have a bill when I buy the router - serial is on it. As a company, we need to keep those bills for 10 years. Tick.
I keep original boxes to store not needed accessories and/or RMA purposes just in case. Serial is on it. Tick.
I take a photo of the sticker on the bottom before box goes into production - all required info incl. default passwords and serial is there. Tick.

Nothing more to add.
Good luck.


If you encounter issues with a lost password, please contact Teltonika directly or your device reseller. This will allow us to respond more quickly and verify your credibility. Remember, we only save passwords for sold devices for a limited time (about 3 months).

As others have mentioned, keeping track of your inventory is essential when buying larger quantities of devices.

To summarise, If you lose crucial device information, always reach out to your reseller or Teltonika directly. Please note that we do not handle confidential information through the Teltonika forums.

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Thank you for the provided information. I’ll contact support then - though knowing this device is certainly out of that 3 Month period i found a different possible solution in the meantime.

I reverse-engineered the JTAG connector on the PCB to allow me to open a UART shell to the IPQ4018 Wifi/LTE SoC chip on the Mainboard. With a bit of luck i can HexDump the password / files of interest to my computer and decode them from there to retrieve or alter the password.

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