RUTX12 for Canadian cellular carriers (Telus, Rogers and Bell)

I’m looking tor an RUTX12 that supports the major Canadian cellular carriers, being Telus, Rogers and Bell. Is there a specific model of the RUTX12 I need for that? Which one? I’m guessing it is this one:


Also, I’m having trouble finding vendors that sell the RUTX12 in Canada. Can you point to anyone that sells it?


Still trying to track down someone that sells this model… I can find may people with the non-North American model, but nobody has this one: RUTX12100100. Does anyone sell it?


Unfortunately, at the moment RUTX12 is not certified to operate in North American region. However, I’d suggest exploring our other options for North America, such as RUTX11 or RUTM50. Each of them support 2 SIMs (although they cannot operate at the same time) and offer the same RutOS functionality.
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