RUT955 - The device is unreachable

Hello there,

i encountered a problem with a RUT955 last week, as i tried to connect to the WEBui after doing a firmware update (from file) - The RUT955 regained LTE internet connection after reboot and all the connected devices’ internet connection works just fine, even the port forwards are working - but I can’t connect to the WEBui, since everytime i try logging in with username and password, i get the error message “The device is unreachable. Please check the connection and try again.”

Unfortunately, SSH access is not enabled.

Has anybody encountered this issue?

Best regards and thank you in advance

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As i know switch to a different web browser and see if you can access the WEBui. This helps rule out any browser-specific issues. Ensure that your device is connected to the same network as the router. Verify that the network connection is stable and functioning properly. Turn off the router, disconnect the power source, wait for a few seconds, and then reconnect the power. Allow the router to boot up fully and try accessing the WEBui again.

I tried different browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox) and the problem persists. I am trying to connect via remote access (calling the router’s external IP from different network via HTTPS), which gets me to the login page, but after entering my credentials and clicking the login button, i get the error message saying “device unreachable”, as mentioned above.
The network connection is stable and functioning properly, all the connected devices have access to the internet. The router did a scheduled reboot 2 days ago and i do not have physical access to it at the moment.

UPDATE: In the meantime, I could gain access via SSH with root user and trigger a reboot, after which the WEBui was accessible normally.

HI! I have exactly the same issue with my Teltonika X11 since i made the firmware update to the current firmware (via server).

I am doing a reboot via command line (putty + SSH root user). After the reboot I can access the router via Web UI as well. But after max. 24h I have the same issue again.

Also I have a significant amount of Shelly IoT smart home devices in use. They also do not report to the Shelly cloud any more (all shown as offline there). After the reboot they are shown online again. While they are shown as offline I can access to the shelly devices via VPN to the router without a problem.

There is no setting I have changed. In my opinion it clearly happened with the firmware update or we have a strange coincident in the timing,

I really hope you can help me as my boat is 1000km away from me and I am no more able to monitor several devices on board properly any more (like flood detectors etc,)

Before I had not any problem with my X11 at all.

Further information maybe of use:
“logread” via putty+SSH (root user):


There is something shown with “crash loop 6 crshes”. Has this something to do with the issue and how to solve it?


Answering the main question:

This usually happens to a too big MTU on the mobile interface, could you try setting it to 1420?

As you will be unable to login wia WebUI, I am giving you the command required here:

  • uci set network.mob1s1a1.mtu=1420
  • uci commit
  • /etc/init.d/mobifd restart

If you even want to reboot WebUI from SSH, no need to reboot the whole router, just execute /etc/init.d/uhttpd restart

The crash loop is unrelated to the issue, why it crashes, tho, I have no idea at the moment. Most likely it’s unable to pin the server for one reason or another

Additionally, could you clarify which version the device was updated from? And is it currently running v07.04.4, or v07.04.3?

Hi Pauliusand and Daumantas,
my current firmware version on my X11 is RUTX_R_00.07.04.4.
Most probably I did the update from the last stable version as I regularly do the updates (but I cannot proof the version no. before).

Please note that I today examined that there also was a firmware update pending for the internal modem (shown in your “Update Firmware” section within the Teltonika WebUI). Therefore I successfully updated this as well (via server option) to the latest available version EG06ELAR04A20M4G. Kernel version is 5.4.229.

Also I proceeded the commands for MTU change as per your proposal and got no error messages. Therefore these changes seems to be operational now.
I will give a response a.s.a. the problem occurs again and also in case everything would run fine after let´s say 24-48h.

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