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we are within the following topic where you are waiting for a response from myside:

Unfortunately when trying to reply, the following error message occurs, which does not make sense at all:

“An error occurred: We’re sorry, but new users are temporarily limited to 3 replies in the same topic.”

So therefore here is my further response on the aforementioned topic:

Good Morning,

unfortunately again the same issue occurs.

Therefore the problem still is not solved.

Hoping for your further assistance.

Pinging the router (via OpenVPN connection) is showing no problem (no packet losses). The latency is not the best, but this I had also before.

We will look into the posting limits. Sorry about that.
As for the issue on hand, when the WebUI becomes unreachable, does running the command /etc/init.d/uhttpd restart resolve the issue temporarily, or are you still unable to login?
This would help us determine if the issue is related to the WebUI, or should we look somewhere else.
If the aforementioned command does not help, could you try rebooting the OpenVPN service by running the command /etc/init.d/openvpn restart and check if that changes anything?

Update: I think it is working now. Maybe yesterday morning the problem was with the Browser Cache.
During the last almost 40h the problem with the UI-login did not occur again (after updating the modem firmware also).

The problem with all my (Shelly) IoT devices losing the connection to the cloud and do not connect again after a certain time is still not solved. This problem occured after I updated to the latest router firmware last week. I will open another topic for that issue. During the day all device become offline in the cloud, but I can ping them via OpenVPN. Strange.

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Try changing the MTU on the mobile interface. The procedure is described here: RUT240 connectivity issues after updating to 07.04.4 - #2 by AndzejJ

already done 2 days ago, no change. Problem still exists

Please create a seperate ticket then.

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I have the same problem. Accessing the router (RUT955 through RMS generated link) the RMS link is generated OK. but refuses to sign me in, saying " The device is unreachable. Please check the connection and try again.
". Which is funny since the device IS reachable since I’m on the login page through RMS proxy. I can access through CLI (also through RMS generated link) and tried to restart the uhttpd but it DID NOT solve the problem.
my FW version is RUT9_R_00.07.02

I have several devices in RMS. All are RUT955. Most are still on legacy FW 6.09. But one other is also on 7 (7.04) that also works. So this is a mystery, but the problem seems definitely on the RMS cloud side of things.

Let me know if I can help debug the problem.