RUT950 losing connection to cell network

The RUT is randomly losing connection to mobile network while the mobile network LED is blinking RED/GREEN. Sometimes when there is 4G mobile connection, the computer shows internet connection is present but there is none. On other occasions and computers is works just fine.


Could you please share the signal parameters that you can find in Status → Network → Mobile → Data transmission?

Alternating green/red LEDs may also indicate a SIM card issue. Have you tried using the second SIM slot, or trying the SIM card in a mobile phone?

Additionally, during the next occurrence of this issue, please, navigate to System → Administration → Troubleshoot. There, press ‘view’ button to see system logs. Before sharing these logs here, please ensure you remove any sensitive data, such as IP addresses. These logs could potentially provide a better understanding of the issue.

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yes, the SIM and slot is OK and works fine on other computers
I wanted to upload the log file, but it is prohibited for new users.
Now I cannot even access the router using wi-fi. Only via cable or from another device.


What are the other signal parameters besides signal strenght?

Can you verify if all mobile antennas are securely attached?

Could you give more details about the WiFi problem? Can you see the SSID when you scan for networks? What happens when you try to connect to it?

If you are unable to connect to the SSID, the issue may be with the configuration or the device, and not just the mobile connection. In that case, I recommend restoring the device to factory defaults, which can be done in System → Backup.

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Yes all antennas are fixed.
Yes I can see the SSID and I can connect to it from all devices.

2023-08-07 22_38_37-IP Range - Angry IP Scanner


From the screenshots it can be seen that your device connects to a 2G network, thus the connectivity issues.

It is possible that the 4G coverage in your area is poor.

Please, navigate to Network → Mobile and try setting the network type to 4G only. Does the device connects to 4G then? If so, what are the signal parameters?

If possible, you can try using a SIM card from a different operator for testing purposes.

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