RUT241 VPN Policy routing

I’m still fighting with my new RUT241, it all started here:

Now trying to set site to site type VPN connection to my WG server on UNIFI UDMPRO.
When i setup WG client on RUT241 all internet traffic is routed trough my main network. I can ping from RUT to WG and main LAN without any problems but from main LAN i can only ping to WG and RUT’s wg IP, not to RUT’s LAN.

I want to be able use local RUT internet and route only some devices internet and all RUT LAN to my main LAN. Same way, from my main LAN reach RUT’s LAN.

Now googling around found that it used to be available package “VPN-policy-routing” but it is not available anymore and manual way to install from temp does not work either.


Firstly, please check your Firewall zones on RUT241 and ensure that traffic from WG zone is allowed to LAN. Edit WG zone and add LAN to ‘Allow forward to destination zones’.

Also, make sure that your UNIFI has a route to the RUT241 LAN via WG.

It seems that you also want to split WG traffic on RUT241. If so, please take a look at this post here.

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Well, I have problem with this…

Routing on Udm is available from LAN to WG but there is no option to set route to RUT LAN directly, there is no gateway to point to.

Regarding PBR it is really confusing, I did set it as suggested in other tread but I’m not getting connection to main LAN.

Any help on this one? Is there any way to setup site to site connection?

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Firstly, ensure that you have a working WG connection before proceeding with PBR and traffic splitting.

Please, share screenshots of your WG configurations from both sides. Specifically, the wireguard tunnel IPs and allowed IPs.

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