Rut241 unstable mobilesignal after fw update

Since I upgraded fw on my rut241 to 07.06 and 07.06.1, mobilesignal has been unstable.

Every 8-10 seconds the signal drops to -111dBm and all the signal strength leds on the router go off. Signal are gone a couple of seconds, then back to normal again. After a while it’s gone again.

I rolled back fw to 07.05.4 and then it’s working perfect again.

I have updated with keep settings off every time.

Seems to be something wrong in the new fw, or is it something else?

It was the same for me. Downloaded 07.05.4 and it became stable again. Simply bad software…


Same problem here: RUT2M_R_00.07.06.1 Mobile RSSI bug - #5 by Alam


Indeed, the issue was identified and our RnD is working on a fix. As other users noticed, this is only a visual issue and it does not affect the functionality of the mobile connection. Thank you for your understanding.


Thank you everybody for answer

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