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Brand new RUT240.
During the inital setup, I got issue while attempting to connect to the RMS : Failure(Server refused connection. The device may be blocked or unidentified)
Unable to find a solution, believing I made confusion wih the password, even after resetting the pasword, I reset the router.
Now, on Windows 10, I cannot connect to
Note that on Ubuntu (another pc), I am able to connect to the router via the same LAN cable and via, however getting the same failure message from server, refusing connection.
Thanks in advance.


It appears that there is an issue with both the connection and RMS. To address this, I recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Since it’s a new product without extensive configuration, consider performing a factory reset.
  2. Update the router’s firmware to the latest version.

This should resolve the problem of the device being unreachable on a Windows PC and potentially address the RMS issue. If problems persist, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me again.

I would want to add that if the device password was changed, it should be changed in RMS too.

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Hello Marijus,
Many thanks for your advices.
With router connected to Ubuntu :

  • Factory reset performed.
  • Firmware update to latest version RUT2_R_00.07.06 downloaded and MD5 checksum ok
  • Firmware updated.
  • Router password modified.

However, Connection to server still fails :

  • either SSL failure, as shown in Status > Overview > RMS > Conenction state
  • or Failure (Server refused connection. The device may be blocked or unidentified), as shown in System > Setup wizard > RMS > Connection state

Trying to connect locally via Windows 10, with Firefow and : failure.

Via try to update the router connection password, using a file > Error message : Selected device is currently offline ! How do I update on the server, the router connection password ? (Too many passwords!)

Thanks in advance.

I still need help to connect, at least via Ubuntu, the router to the server.
Thanks in advance.

So what should I do ?

I struggle the whole morning, noticed that a new release of firmware was available so updated the fw.
I managed to connect the router to my telephone service network and to connect my mobile phone to the router.

Still I fail adding-up the routeur to Teltonika RMS | Remote management system : got message : " Device with ###SerialNumber### at line 1 could not be added. Please contact support for more information. "

So do I.

See RUT240 - RMS - Adding a router to rms

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