RUT240 High CPU and Memory

RUT240 with F.W. version: RUT2_R_00.07.04.5.

High CPU: 30-80% (typically >50%) while in web management portal and CPU maxes out when the pop-out/side status panel is displayed
High Memory: 80-95% (typically at 90%)

Device is running in passthrough mode with a static public IP on Rogers cellular network. Wi-Fi is disabled. Under services it shows RMS (not setup), Reboot Scheduler (automatic monthly reboot), and NTP Client as enabled - all others are disabled.

Just have a Windows 11 laptop connected to the LAN port running some ICMP (ping) tests to a few internet sites.

Just seems like high CPU and memory usage for the mode it’s running and the services enabled???


Are you experiencing any issues with the device stability?
The high CPU usage is usually only when monitoring it via the Overview page, as it’s pulling a lot of information from the router. I’d recommend checking the usage via SSH, using the command top. This utility will display all of the running services and their resource usage.

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I just started using the device about a week ago (no prior experience with Teltonika devices). I have had issues with routing of both inbound and outbound ICMP traffic but I’m not sure yet whether that’s related (it might coincide with when the device CPU is under high utilization but not sure yet).

I will try checking the utilization via SSH, instead of the web GUI, and report back.

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The ICMP routing issue is most likely not related. The high CPU load should only occur for a few seconds after navigating to the Overview page, but it should not affect the functionality of the device.
Perhaps you could describe your configuration and explain the issue that you’re facing with ICMP packets?

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Thank you for the additional information.

I haven’t used/tested the device for the last week and it’s been offline. Today I set it back up and continued testing and found that it’s working much better: memory is closer to 80%, CPU is around ~40%, and not experiencing any ICMP traffic loss. As such I assume that it was carrier related.

Thanks again for the information.

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