RUT240 as a SMS Gateway trough Telnet


Is anyone here have worked with an RUT/X modem as an SMS Gateway? I’m trying to make it work with WIN911. WIN911 has to communicate with it trough Telnet and i’m wondering if there is some special command to send to the router with putty to enable it.



By default, Telnet access to RUT/X devices is disabled for security reasons. If you want to access your RUT/X via Telnet, then you need to enable it first. To do so, access the WebUI of your RUT/X, navigate to System → Administration → Access Control and enable Telnet.

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Thanks for your response.

Is there anywhere a list of Telnet command compatible with Teltonika router (RUT240 for my case). I’m able to connect to it trough Putty but i’m a bit lost after that…

WIN-911 requires the modem’s character encoding to be set to UCS2. This means you will need to enter the phone number and text message using the UTF-16 format. You cannot just type in plain text. You must convert both the phone number and SMS message text into Unicode.

I’m sending this command to read the encoding of the RUT240 and it responded me this:
root@RUT240: gsmctl1 -A AT+CSCS=?
+CSCS: (“IRA”, “GSM”, “UCS2”)

root@RUT240: gsmctl1 -A AT+CSCS?

It gave me the information that the modem is compatible with UCS2 and it is presently configured in GSM. When i’m trying to set it to UCS2, it gave me this error:

root@RUT240: gsmctl1 -A AT+CSCS= “UCS2”

Is there a know issue with UCS2 encoding RUT240? Is there another way to enable it?


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