RUT200 Zerotier not reconnecting after a power failure

This is my second post about the same issue. Here is my first post

Basically, ZeroTier only connects once and after each power failure. The new public IP that gets assigned to my mobile connection does not get updated on the website.

I don’t know what to do anymore, The only way I get it to work is by uninstalling the zero-tier package and reinstalling it. Any help would be appreciated


Since I am unable to replicate this, can you please try the following?
Next time you reboot the device and it does not reconnect, could you please check if it reconnects after restarting ZeroTier:

zerotier-cli info
/etc/init.d/zerotier restart

If it does not help, please try:

uci show zerotier | grep secret

Then, if its zerotier.1.secret, do:

uci del zerotier.1.secret
uci commit
/etc/init.d/zerotier restart
#wait 2min
zerotier-cli info

Does it connect?

EDIT: While there is no newer ZeroTier version available on Teltonika devices currently, you could try to update it yourself. There was a topic about it here.

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Hi Thank you very much for the reply

I have done as you suggested. Please refer to the following

It did not connect again


Could you please try updating to the latest (newly released 07.05 firmware) version with ‘keep settings’ disabled and see if the issue persists? You can download the firmware from here.

Since I am unable to replicate this, maybe you could share your configurations and steps to replicate this issue?

Kind Regards,

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