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This is a follow-up question to the already closed topic. RUT240 - Relayd with newer firmware versions
I managed to reset the RUT240, update the new firmware and install the relay configuration package.
However, I haven’t been able to set the same configuration with the new firmware and package.
I found the following instructions for the new firmware and package and carried out all the points as described. Wiki article

With the old firmware I configured the following and everything worked immediately:
Enable LAN WAN and connect to a second routers LAN port
DHCP for WAN is still enabled that the RUT will get IP address automatically since I do not know which IP address range are used from the second routers when setting up the RUT devices.
Enable Relayd and disable DHCP Server for LAN

With the new firmware and the relay configuration package. I have enabled Relayd under Network - Wireless - Relayd. I chose LAN as the interface here. I didn’t select anything under Wireless interface because I want to use LAN and not WiFi.
Second, I deactivated the DHCP server in the LAN settings.
If I now connect a device to the LAN port of the RUT240, it does not receive an IP address of the DHCP router that is connected to the WAN port of RUT. The RUT is listed in the second router’s network list, but is not reachable via this IP address.

We already use this Relayd configuration on many devices that still have the old firmware and worked fine so far. It is important for us to be able to update the routers and continue to use the configuration. Even if it has to be reconfigured by installing the package after the update. Also we need to be able to do the same configuration for new projects with the new firmware. I would be very grateful for help solving the problem.

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