Modbus TCP server & Mobile Data Type Setting Error

Based on the function/settings option in the Web interface.
How do I log a ticket?

Device: RUTX09, Hardware revision 0505 batch0019

“Mobile Data type” No longer works as a function/setting.

I have customised setups where data usage is monitored. This is now broken after a firmware update. It was set to Megabytes. However the data streamed is only in Byte.
An update to the latest firmware was made earlier in March but was forced to revert back. A huge mess was caused and plenty of work to recover.

Update from when it was working RUTX_R_00.07.04.5 Stopped working in version below

New Firmware version


Steps to reproduce the bug

Changed setting to “Megabytes” saved in Web-Interface/UI + Reboot. Modbus is still sending streamed data in Byte.

Data received :

Modbus data Register Address 185-199.

Data received with the Megabytes setting is sent as Byte.

Documented in our test with nodes reading MB to GB: Showing the wrong result. While the changed nodes reading B to GB is showing the correct data.


What is the wrong behaviour?

Modbus data Register Address 185-199. Reading Received in “Mobile Data type” Megabyte wont change the output of the chosen/picked and saved unit. Still sends the data in Byte.

Thank you


Thank you for reporting the issue!
I have managed to replicate it and reported it to the developers. I will update this post once more information or fix timeline is known.

Best regards,
Daumantas G.

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Hi Dausmantas.
Thank you so much for responding to my posting regarding the “Settings Error”.

May I ask if you can look at another issue and forward to the development team please?
Dont seem to get any reaction or reply on this one that can be related.

Thank you

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