Issue: Teltonika RUT950 WebUI access through VPN


We have an issue with connecting to Teltonika RUT950’s WebUI over the VPN. Scenario is the following: Teltonika is on a remote site B, connected to our HQ on site A through an IPSec tunnel. The tunnel and all traffic work fine, however we are unable to connect from site A’s local network to Teltonika’s WebUI using Teltonika’s site B local network IP.

This issue started happening after upgrading to the RUT9XX_R_00.06.09.5 version. Previous versions all worked fine. Firewall rules are set up properly, allowing site A to access the WebUI. Again, this was not an issue on any older version up until now, we could access the network through Teltonika’s local IP normally. All ports are open, telnet over port 80 and 443 proves that. We can also connect through SSH remotely without any issues.

We double checked Access Control settings, and enabled remote access connectivity. We can access RUT950’s WebUI through the WAN IP as well as through site B’s local network (remoting to a PC on site B, then connecting to RUT950, works).

Is this a bug with the newest version, RUT9XX_R_00.06.09.5? I am sending all relevant screenshots with descriptions to help clarify the issue. Please let us know how to fix this.

Thanks in advance.


It seems that you are using legacy firmware version. There should be an option in IPSec settings to allow WebUI access:

If this does not help, you can try resetting the device to default settings via reset button or from the WebUI. Since the issue appeared after firmware upgrade, it is possible that there were some migration issues.

Also, the firmware is quite old. Is there a reason why you are using this version? If feasible, I suggest you consider updating the firmware to the latest version. Firmware for RUT950 can be downloaded from here.

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The “Allow WebUI access” box was already checked. I re-checked it, reset the tunnel, nothing helped.

We’re using the listed firmware due to hardware limitations of the teltonika device.


Could you please share your firewall settings (maybe from ‘cat /etc/config/firewall’)?

From which firmware version did you update? Also, did you update with ‘keep settings’ enabled? If so, it is possible that there were migration issues and I would suggest to restore the device to factory defaults.

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