Huawei better then Teltonika?


I have a caravan and previously had the Huawei 4g Pro in use. Now I bought the Teltonika RUTX50 in the hope that it will perform better or at least as good.

This I am testing on vacation with 2 partner cards from O2. Now it is so that the Huawei router brings twice the speed and also connects to a different CellID than the router from Teltonika. This although the Teltonika has a high-quality roof antenna with 4 5G antenna key and 2 WLAN ports and the Huawei router is in the caravan.

Do you have an explanation for this or can I improve the connection via the settings?

I am very surprised because the Teltonika router costs 600€ and the Huawei 100€.

Greetings from Sweden


Could you clarify what antenna was used with the Huawei router? And what antenna is being used with the RUTX50?
Does the RUTX50 obtain a 5G connection?
Additionally, make sure you are using the latest firmware (v07.04.4).

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Hello Daumantas,

I use the RUTX50 with the following antenna:

The Huawei uses only the internal antennas. I found that the Teltonika router automatically connects to the operator Tre (3) and the Huawei connects to Telia.
When I manually change the operator to Telia, the connection is slightly better than with the Huawei.

My question is: Can I optimize the settings to automatically choose the operator or cell?

Do you need any protocols? The newest FW is installed.

The device scans the carriers, and connects to the first one that it is allowed to connect to. It is most likely just a coincidence that the Huawei router connected to Telia.
I would recommend setting up a carrier whitelist in the Network → Mobile → Network Operators menu. Change the Connection mode to Manual-Auto, scan for the operators, and select Telia. Press Save & Apply.
The device will always try to connect to Telia, and if it fails, it will fallback to other operators.
Could you also clarify if the device is connecting to 5G?

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Ok this is how I will do it. The problem is that without the Huawei router I would not even know that Telia offers the better connection or faster speed.
I wish that the router itself decides that, just like the Huawei router does.

Otherwise, I have now implemented it that way and it works.

A 5G connection has unfortunately not worked, probably the reception was too weak. We did not have 5G in that location with any of our devices. But we are now going to another place, maybe it will be better there.

Which antenna connector I screw to which mobile port of the RUTX50 does not matter or?

Since all of the internal antennas seem to be identical in your linked site, the connector placement does not matter.

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Thank you.

Can I actually bundle 2 connections? For example 2 sim cards or sim card 1 + network from the campsite or does the router not support that?

If so, how do I do that?


Two SIM cards cannot be used at the same time on the RUTX50, as it only has one internal modem. For an application like this, RUTX12 would be needed.
However, you can setup failover or load balancing between two or more active connections (e.g. SIM + Campsite WiFi / SIM + Campsite WiFi + Wired WAN, etc.). Load balancing can be configured in the Network → Failover menu. More information can be found here: RUTX50 Failover - Teltonika Networks Wiki
Please keep in mind, that load balancing needs multiple connections to utilize all connections. More information can be found here: LTE Bonding vs Load Balancing - Teltonika Networks Wiki

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Ok thank you.

Will it be fixed in the next firmware that the 5GHZ client mode does not work simultaneously with the 5ghz AP mode when using a DFS channel?


For you comfort I have experienced very similar issues. I was using a huawei 535 (4G LTE) before with good results. I wanted to catch the latest 5G technology (with 4G fall-back) and so I bought a RUTX50 at 3 times the price.

The results have been disastrous and up to know I have not been able to resolve it. Most likely I will return to Huawei.

I have also read your post a bit.
That really doesn’t sound good at all. I have spent almost 1000€ for the router and antenna. The Huawei costs 100€.
I hope it’s a software problem that will be fixed soon. The antenna I use seems to be very good, because with it I make quite good results.

I am not crying wolf but I spent similar figures… Almost all issues you find reported in the community on RUTX50 I have experienced. Many disturbing issues.

do you know another router with 4 LTE/5G antenna ports and 2 wifi ports? My antenna which is very good from my point of view supports this.

Unfortunately I don’t but a search on available 5G routers would probably give some info.

I found this one: Zyxel 5G NR/LTE 4x4 MIMO

I hope that the software problems will still be solved. I was advised against the Zyxel.
“The antenna connectors do not work for 4G and do not work at all 5G frequencies.”
I’m not technically savvy enough to assess it.

Also, it can’t boost wifi with captive portal as far as I know.

When I did my survey I came across a number of 5G routers incl. the RUTX50. Based on the proclaimed capabilities I selected it (not cheap) but it has a truckload of teething issues…

I Hope they solve it fast :slight_smile:

I have a sim card from Vodafone and one from Telefonica in the router. Why does the router connect to a different provider with the sim card from Telefonica than with the sim card from Vodafone?

Could it be that the Vodafone or Telefonica only allow connecting to certain carriers when abroad?
Do they consistently connect to the same carriers?

I can manually access all networks with both cards. so there doesn’t seem to be a ban. If I set the carrier selection to Auto, the Telefonica card connects to the Tre network and the Vodafone card to Telenor. Could it be that you have some bugs in the software for determining the best network or cell?