How to lock onto N78

@Daumantas and @bifteki I have read your earlier thread of Juli over and over but don’t fully get it.

For the first time ever I saw that my router (RUTX50) connected with 5G NSA N78 which is super fast compared to the rest (even N28). So now I want to lock onto it as good as possible.

I try to follow your steps but still a bit confusing.

This is what I get for N78:

And this for N28:

As far as I know it relates to the same tower. What is now the QNWLOCK command I need to write to lock onto N78 if possible ?


For the 5G itself, it should be possible to blacklist the n28 in the WebUI. Navigate to Network → Mobile → General Settings, select the network type as 4G+5G, select all 4G bands and only the n78 5G band. This will force the router to only connect to n78. However, as a side effect, if the signal conditions worsen, you could lose 5G altogether, as the device will not connect to n28 (this band is intended for better coverage).
The QNWLOCK command is useful when locking onto a certain 4G cell. For example, you could try locking onto LTE B1 cell, which could increase you download and especially upload speeds. The exact command for your location would be:
gsmctl -A 'AT+QNWLOCK="common/4g",1,300,372'
This will keep the B20 as the secondary band. It should be noted, that the signal parameters for both n78 and B1 are not great, so locking onto these cells could cause network instability. If you notice any instances of high jitter or ping, I’d recommend at least removing the cell lock for LTE.
Another thing to keep in mind, is that cell lock (not band lock) is removed with every reboot of the internal modem. This is why a custom script was utilized here: RUTX50 - Locking 5G-NSA CA bands manually - #9 by bifteki
Let me know if there are any further questions!

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@Daumantas I followed step 1 and 2.
Step 1 worked. I selected N78 for the 5G. restarted the connection and it popped nicely to N78 with a nice speed.
Step 2 I did in the custom script. rebooted the router but it still connect to B20 instead of B1.

Why is B1 better because I don’t see any difference in speed?

B1 operates on a higher frequency, and it also has twice the bandwidth when compared with B20 (5MHz vs 10MHz). However, if the router did connect to B1 as the primary (if it did not, try without a script first) and you did not notice any difference, it could be that the worse signal quality lessens the gains of B1 over B20.

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I got both B1 and N78 locked onto. Speed highest ever at 233Mbps download and upload almost 35:
Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 14.05.51
If it stays in this order of quantity I will be more then happy.

Let’s see how stable this is. I had lots of stability issues before.

Thanks @Daumantas !!

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It’s now about 24hrs glitch free in N78 and B1 with a max of 307Mbps download. That’s very promising.

One more thing. The high frequency antennas for N78 are the inner 2 on the back of the RUTX50? Right? @Daumantas

Great to hear that!
Regarding the antennas, to simplify, yes, the inner two antennas are mainly for high frequency bands, as well as 4x4 MIMO.

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