GGA Message - Incorrect values

This issue was previously raised (now closed / unresolved) for a RUT955 when running NTRIP and noting the GGA message UTC time was always +2 hour ahead and the latitude minute component was always Actual +40’

Have now found the same issue (identical same GGA issues) with a RUTX50.

GPS position is correct/confirmed, Unit’s time options are correct.

Screen shot attached from the RUTX50 CLI running NTRIP, local time was 11:03am, UTC time 01:03

GGA UTC time 030310.00 is actual +2 hours

-23.172445 => -23 10.34670’ GGA Lat = 2350.3467178’ and actual +40 minutes higher


To address the most apparent issue, please check if your time zone is set correctly. This could be the cause of the problem. If the time zone is accurate and the issue persists, we’ll need to investigate further.

You can find Date & Time settings System → Administration → Date & Time.

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Thank you Marijus,

Confirm there are no issues with time indications on the RUTX50, all instances are correct. This was also confirmed in previous support (now closed) for the same issue noted on a RUT955 going back to Sepetember/November 2023.

Another example with the router set to UTC, UTC time is correct, GPS time is correct, GGA UTC incorrect and now appears 8 hours behind actual UTC time? It could be 16 hours ahead but I doubt this scenario


It appears that this case requires more attention and may need troubleshooting. Please reach out to us directly on our website: using the “Contact us” form.

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Has been Done :white_check_mark:

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