RUT955 - GGA message irregularities

Based on snippets from a CLI feed when running an NTRIP instance there appears noted discrepancy with the Latitude and UTC time

  • GGA message UTC time is always +2 hours (exactly) ahead of actual UTC time as confirmed against the routers own internal GPS, UTC and comparison with local time

  • GGA latitude always has a constant +40 minutes offset from actual GPS position. This became very evident when the latitude minute component exceeded 59’ , This only appears with the Latitude, Longitude appears correct and excluded in the context

Examples (from CLI feed)
Coordinates were acquired and set successfully [ -23.769308, Longitude]
send gga data, gga_buffer[86] : [$GPGGA,014533.00,2386.1584854,S, etc etc

-23.769308 in GGA format is 2346.158480, 2386.1584854 is invalid due to the 86 minutes.
Note immediately prior to the above GGA message the server response was as follows which validates the server and indicates the actual/correct UTC time which puts the GGA UTC time +2 hours ahead

server response, recv_buf:
server response, recv_buf:[ICY 200 OK
Server; GNSS Spider
Date: Sat, 07 Oct 2023 23:45:50 GMT

Need to clarify this apparent GGA discrepancy in UTC & Latitude before re-testing NTRIP over propriety WAN issue

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