Forum flag functionality issue: 2 billion character requirement for message text?!?!?


I want to report an issue with the “Something Else” message functionality (option for flagging a message in this forum).

I wanted to send feedback to a post via the flag functionality. However, I couldn’t send my fairly short “Something Else” message. The “Message” button was dimmed and the following text was displayed below the comment field: “enter at least 2000000000 characters”. The character count decreases when typing characters.

This, surely, must be a bug. You cannot seriously require 2 billion character input! Further, I wonder if the system could handle such long comment texts.

Review the functionality and make the necessary changes so that feedback can be sent via the flag functionality.

Hi Bjorn,
just checked - still there.
Timelapse Admin

I generated a 100K character string and pasted until the browser crashed … and I was quite a bit away from the 2 billion requirement. Odd and incomprehensible choice … and so far not a comment from Teltonika in 14 days.


Apologies for a late response.
The issue arises from the fact, that private messages are disabled on this forum, thus reporting also seems to be affected. I will report the issue to the forum administrator, but for the time being, please use the other report options - we monitor them and take action if needed.
Thank you for reporting the issue!

Best regards,


It would help if there was a way to communicate with the community admins. The post was not specific to the Teltonica Networks category.

While on the topic …

  • Automatically closing topics after 14 days from the posting seems a bit limiting. If automatically closing a topic is needed, wouldn’t it be better to close it after (say) 14 days of inactivity?
  • Tags and sending direct messages (possible in the old forum) would be welcome.

Further: I see that @Daumantas (@-mentioning) is possible. Thanks for that.

And to end, the post I wanted to comment was Please always post the checksums as text (not info in a screenshot) to enable copy/pasting as part of comparison with the checksums generated after a firmware has been uploaded to the modem/gateway.


Thank you for the suggestions, some of them were already relayed to the maintainers, but the rest I’ve forwarded now. I’ve also updated the modem update article.

Best regards,

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