FMC003: Reconnecting to the server immediately after the connection is lost

I need to configure FMC003 so that it reconnects to the server immediately after the connection is lost. How can I do that? I set the Open Link Timeout to 120 seconds. But after the connection is broken, the device does not connect to the server until the Data Recording Timeout occurs

The main idea is that the tracker must always be connected so that I can send it a command at any time through the connection.
This issue is faced not only by me but also by our clients. Additionally, I have seen posts about this problem on this forum.
for example:


Maintaining the link open depends on the network availability and device configuration , you can also enable the network ping to prevent the link for being close by the network provider,

Wiki page: FMC130 GPRS settings - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

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I know about this setting. However, my colleagues and I have tried various combinations of ping, open link, and data recording. Despite these efforts, the device does not restore the connection until it needs to upload messages. There are no issues with the Internet. The devices simply do not attempt to reconnect to the server after the server has disconnected from them.


Thank you for your feedback, kindly contact your sales manager or create an HD ticket to report this issue.

Please provide the following.

  1. Device IMEI.
  2. Configuration file.
  3. Device Logs,
  4. Device Mobile Number.

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