FMB 130 Open the link again

Hello everyone! I own an FMB 130 + Can Control device. Due to the possibility of sending commands at any time, whether the vehicle is stationary or in motion, I have a configuration that keeps the connection constantly open. The OpenLink Timeout is set to 259,000, and I’m sending a ping to the server every minutes. However, due to issues with the internet or other reasons, sometimes the connection between the device and the server can drop, and when this happens, the device doesn’t send new data until a new event occurs. What should I do to ensure that the device quickly reconnects when the connection is lost? I cannot tolerate the connection being down. I am waiting for your advice on this matter please.


Can you try to change your send period to 20 seconds for both On-stop and moving modes?

Thank you for your response.
Even if I make this configuration, if there is no record on the device, the device does not connect to me.

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