Firmware cannot update, bad internet on WiFi, WebUI login fails, RUT955

I was running RUT9_R_00.07.02.1_WEBUI on my RUT955 for 2 years without issues.

Since some weeks:

Since today:

  • After a reboot from WebUI, the router was stuck during startup, with all 5 green signal leds blinking. Although the WiFi network was visible, and I could connect, no internet available. Login was not possible, stuck in “loading”
  • Factory reset with hardware pushbutton did not work
  • Used the bootloader menu to update the firmware, but only the legacy version was possible.
  • installed Legacy version, then acces to the RUT955 was possible, but still with internet signal up and down.
  • after the WebUI firmware update, the login screen is stuck again in “loading”

Current version:

SSH screenshot of the hexdump:

  • I want to update the bootloader, but I do not have the file.

Thank you.