Correct setting for LOW SIGNAL RECONNECT?

I am looking for some guidance on the Low Signal Reconnect feature under Network → Mobile → General

There is a field called Reset threshold — but it just says “Signal threshold in dB for the connection. When signal is under this value modem resets connection” — which signal is it referring to?

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RSRP, RSRQ, RSSI, and SINR are all metrics used in wireless communication networks. But in your instance, RSSI is the one you need to pay attention to.

With no regard for noise or interference, RSSI is a general metric used in wireless communication to assess the total received signal strength.

You can find helpful information on our wiki page if you want additional details about any of these metrics:

  1. RSSI - RSSI - Teltonika Networks Wiki

  2. RSRP and RSRQ - RSRP and RSRQ - Teltonika Networks Wiki

  3. SINR - SINR - Teltonika Networks Wiki

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Okay, thank you. It’s a little interesting, because I even installed an external MIMO antenna and mounted it outdoors to catch a stronger signal, but the levels are a bit contradictory.

For example, I have RSSI of -42 which according to my understanding is “Excellent”. But, SINR is often around 0-1 which I understand means “barely any connection at all”. So, does this mean there is too much noise? The speed tests I am getting around 20-35Mbit/s which is perfectly great.

Humm no it is far too high. The signal will saturate the input circuitry and will be clipped. This may or may not be the cause of the extremely poor SINR values other causes may be at play here but is probably the cause of the less than optimal RSRQ.
Do you have the possibility of inserting 18 dB attenuators between the antennas and the router, or use ones with less gain ?

I could try that… can they be inserted at the router side (SMA)? It’d be a major PITA to climb up to the outdoor antenna, remove the waterproofing, and insert them on that side… would a 15dB be “enough”?

something like this or this maybe?

You can insert the attenuators at the most convenient location.
The goal is to be at a little less than -50 dBm so the -15 dBm model should do.

Thanks for the RF lesson. Ordered those and will give it a go! I’ll report back…

Just out of curiosity, here’s another site, same RUTX11, same exact antenna (longer coax cable though) and take a look at these readings… RSSI very similar (-3db difference) but SINR off the charts better. Any idea why this could be?

I don’t know at which value exactly the input circuitry starts clipping, here SINR is much better but RSRQ albeit good can probably be improved.

Last question: will such a strong input signal damage the radio in the RUT? Now I’m worried.

No I don’t think so but I won’t take the bet. RF is a bitch.

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