Connect multiple HubVPN RMS at the same time

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I want to use the HubVPN of the RMS system to access a multitude of RUTXxx which themselves allow access to a fixed IP subnet which is always configured in the same way (subnet 192.168.1.x/24)
Thus, there will be a HubVPN dedicated to each RUTXxx with an internal IP route

So, I end up with a configuration resembling this (we limit it to 3 VPNs):
HubRMS_1 ← RUTXxx_1 ↔
HubRMS_2 ← RUTXxx_2 ↔
HubRMS_3 ← RUTXxx_3 ↔

Currently, I connect without problem via Linux command line individually with each HubVPN:
sudo openvpn --config xxxx.ovpn
My IP works locally.

However, I need to keep all 3 VPN connections open at the same time on my Linux system. At this time a conflict occurs locally between the 3 IPs

So I need the 3 IPs to be remapped locally into a single IP:
local = HubRMS_1
local = HubRMS_2
local = HubRMS_3

How should I run/configure openvpn locally?

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RMS VPN Hubs are used for layer 3 connectivity, which requires the devices to be on different networks. You can take a look at this forum post here for a workaround, but this is not recommended.

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This is an interesting approach which, however, requires a small specific configuration for each RUTXxx (which is therefore no longer completely identical).
Anyway thank you for your help.


I would suggest checking what can be done on your PC specifically in this case. You can try looking here, perhaps it will help.

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