Azure IoT Hub content type issue

We’re using a RUT200 and RUT240 to send Modbus data to Azure IoT Hub.
Once Azure Iot Hub receives the message from the RUT, it embeds the content in the body key of an object with some additional properties. The issue is that the content is being stored in Base64 format instead of JSON UTF-8. Following microsoft documentation, the reason is because the iothub-content-type (that is set by the Azure IoT Client, that is the RUT200) is not correct. The value seems to be HTML encode, so the value is application%2fjson, instead of application/json.
The issue seems was introduced in since version 7.5, because version 7.4 worked ok.
Here is a capture of the object that arrives to the DDBB with a RUT200 V7.4:
After upgrading to v7.5:
The same is result is gotten with the last version 7.6.

Any idea?

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