Azure IoT Hub content type issue 2

Hello, I have the same issue as here is described: Azure IoT Hub content type issue . is there any workaround to handle this?


We are currently investigating this issue and will provide information about the outcome as soon as we have any concrete news.

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Good news! This issue has been fixed in the 7.7 firmware version. You just need to upgrade your firmware to resolve it.

If you have an End-of-Life device like the RUT240, you’ll need a special Azure package. This package is designed specifically for the RUT2_R_00.07.06.5 firmware, which is suitable for the RUT240.

To install the package, go to System → Package Manager → Upload page.

azure_iothub-alora-soluciones-RUT2_R_00-07-06-5.tar.gz (273.4 KB)

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I use RUT240, and the latest firmware i can see is RUT2_R_00.07.06.13. Will RUT240 receive the 7.7 firmware? Or is there an option to download it?

If no - Will RUT2_R_00.07.06.13 work with azure_iothub-alora-soluciones-RUT2_R_00-07-06-5.tar.gz ?


Unfortunately, the RUT240 won’t receive the 7.7 upgrade. For RUT240 Only security and critical issue fixes will be available with the 07.06.x branch in the future. Therefore, using the provided package is the only solution. Please note that this package will only work with the specified 07.06.05 version since it was compiled directly for that version.

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My problem is that to use that package i need to downgrade the firmware, and loose my configuration. I don’t want that because of distance to that router and no personel who could help me localy. Is there any chance to compile that package to RUT2_R_00.07.06.13?

I’m sorry, downgrade to 7.6.5 doesn’t loose configuration. ill test it :wink:

Package that is provided earlier sending nulls instead of json message (same config as 7.6.13 which was sendind base64 payload and proper message).

I;m sorry, but i couldn’t make a dump right now, but ill try to reproduce that later

I downgraded firmware to 7.4.5 wich was the last one, that azure was working as expected.