Alerts & Automations (action - send email)


I’m trying to configure alerts as in the screenshot.

I want emails to be sent in real time after the device status changes. For example, when the mobile connection is restored, I would like to receive one e-mail with information and not receive e-mails every 5 minutes until the device status changes again. Could I ask for specific settings?


Alerts and Automations are still in Beta, and do not yet include information about the device status. To achieve this, I’d suggest using legacy alerts, which can be configured by selecting the devices in question, hovering over the Alerts and Automations tab, and selecting Create alert (legacy):

When the configuration window opens, select the Alert event as Status change, and under Event subtype select whether the alert should be sent once the device goes Online → Offline, or Offline → Online. Two rules can be configured to send emails on both of these actions.
This functionality will be added to the regular Alerts and Automation configuration in the future.
Hope this helps!

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