Zero Tier Low Bandwidth Mode?

We are currently carrying out initial tests with the Zerotier client on a Rutx11. It is important that the monthly traffic remains as low as possible.

Since version 1.10.3, ZeroTier offers a so-called ‘Low Bandwidth Mode’, which should significantly reduce traffic.

As far as I can see, version 1.10.1-1 is installed in the current package.

Will there be a newer version of the package in which this mode can be switched on and off?

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We’ll definitely update the package versions, but it might take some time because we need to test all implementations before updating especially VPN solutions.

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Good news and thanks for the information. As we are currently still in the test phase, we hope to get the ‘Low Bandwidh Mode’ in time :wink:

+1 here.

At the moment I’m seeing 3-4 GB a month (!) being eaten up by ZT because the protocol is so chatty.
Real usage data goes on top.
Low Bandwidth Mode in a newer ZT version would be very very welcome.

You could try enabling the low_bandwidth mode over the CLI/SSH

  • Edit the the command vi /etc/init.d/zerotier
  • Insert the following lines somewhere at the end of setup_network() section:
json_add_object "settings"
json_add_boolean "lowBandwidthMode" 1
json_dump > "${path}/local.conf"
  • :wq to write changes to the file and exit the text editor;
  • Restart ZeroTier service with the following command:
    • /etc/init.d/zerotier restart

Check if low bandwidth mode is enabled and if it makes any difference on ZeroTier performance:

Hello Curios_user69,
thanks for the suggestion. I tested it briefly and unfortunately - as expected - couldn’t see any difference :frowning: .

According to the release notes, the feature is included from version 1.10.3 onwards. See ZeroTierOne/ at dev · zerotier/ZeroTierOne · GitHub
As mentioned above, the package for Rutx11 unfortunately only contains version 1.10.1. As I understand it, the functionality does not yet exist in it.

Thanks for testing it out @aschroeder :+1:
I was kinda thinking as well that this won’t work and hence hoping for Teltonika to upgrade ZT version soon.

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