Zero Tier - can't even ping router


I have brand new Teltonika device:

  • Device name

  • Product code

  • Bootloader version

  • Hardware revision

  • Batch number

  • Firmware version

  • Kernel version

  1. I Install ZeroTier Package
    System → Package Manager → ZeroTier → Install
  2. Add Router to ZeroTier
    Services → Vpn → ZeroTier → Add new config name → Dont change anything beside Network ID and turn off allow managed ip. so the config looks like this:

I turn it on (both instance and node) → Save and apply
2. On freshly created ZeroTier Network i authenticate router,

  1. On same ZeroTier network i add client - mobile phone and authenticate it.

aaand… i cant ping them.
Can’t ping them both ways,the ping doesn’t work from the phone to the router or the other way.

Of course, I still want to add routing to get remote access to other devices - but it seems to me that without this functionality there is nothing to go on.

A sincere request for help.


After reviewing your settings, it seems like you might have overlooked something. One setting should have been enabled by default. In the ZeroTier Network settings, the option “Allow managed IP” should be turned on, as shown in the picture below:

2024-03-04-14-27-25-RUTX12 - Teltonika Networks — Mozilla Firefox

Please adjust this setting and restart your router if the connection doesn’t establish.

Best regards,



Now it works, thank you Sir!

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