Wrong WAN IP in DynamicDNS when using „custom“

Hi there,

I‘m facing the same issue as others before: RUT 240 - DynDns Public IP not updating - #3 by AndzejJ

The WAN IP address of my mob1s1a1 is not getting updated in the dynamicDNS section.

I am using a RUTX11 with firmware v. 7.06.03 and my dynDNS setup is like shown below:

The actual IP of the mob1s1a1 is like shown here (same result as on wieistmeineip.de)

But dynDNS shows an old IP still after running for hours:

What is wrong there? If I use „public“ instead of „custom“ as the IP address source, the IP is getting updated properly. But since my default gateway is WAN and not mob1s1a1, this is not an option for me…

Hope someone could help me here.

Thanks in advance and best wishes,

Edit: after reconfiguring and restarting the router everything works.

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