Wish: Add package lftp to Teltonika opkg feed

until Firmware 7.6 there was at least the openwrt opkg feed enabled.
Now only Teltonika feed (see Firmware 07.06 missing opkg repositories)

Can you please add lftp or another ftp client as package?
We use it a lot for scripting ftp pulls and pushes on the Teltonika routers.

I know, now I can/have to manually turn on the OpenWRT opkg feed now.
cp /etc/opkg/openwrt/distfeeds.conf /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf



lftp is still available:

root@lgrrutx:~# opkg -e /etc/opkg/openwrt/distfeeds.conf update
root@lgrrutx:~# opkg -e /etc/opkg/openwrt/distfeeds.conf list | grep lftp
root@lgrrutx:~# opkg -e /etc/opkg/openwrt/distfeeds.conf install lftp


Hi, yes I know it is still available, but it became harder (another extra step) to use it.

That is why I wanted to post a “feature request” to have lftp in the “official package manager” of teltonika.

It is doable for 1 router, but I have at least a dozen that require FTP functionality and therefore manual SSH interaction after each firmware update.

Our total count of Teltonika routers is close to 200 now.

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